Faculty from the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior offer a number of upper-division courses covering all aspects of Neuroscience. Many of these courses are a small classroom format and allow for close interactions and discussions with our faculty.  Please click on the courses below for more information on each one.

Fall Quarter:

Bio 93: DNA to Organisms (Busciglio, Green, and Wood)

N115A: Advanced Neurobiology I (Lew)open only to Neurobiology Majors

N120A: Human Biology I (Nicholas) – open only to Human Biology Majors

N123L: Human Neuroimaging Lab (Stark)

N129: Transparent Brain (Gandhi and Kadandale (from MBB))

N147: Hearing and the Brain (Cramer, Metherate, and Middlebrooks)

N152: Developmental Neurobiology (Cohen-Cory and Cramer)

N153: Neuropharmacology (Fowler)

N158: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Cahill)


Winter Quarter:

N113L: Neurobiology Lab Course (Lew) – also offered in Spring quarter

N115B: Advanced Neurobiology II (Striedter)open only to Neurobiology Majors

N119: History of Neuroscience (Cahill)

N120B: Human Biology (Nicholas)open only to Human Biology Majors

N151: Neurobiology of Aging (Cotman)

N153: Neuropharmacology (Fowler)

N155: Wiring and the Brain (Cohen-Cory)

N172: Regenerative Neurobiology (Blurton-Jones and Gandhi)

N173: Human Neuropsychology (Yassa)

N176: Cerebral Cortez: Structure, Function, and Plasticity (Frostig)


Spring Quarter:

N110: Neurobiology and Behavior (Metherate, Lur, and Leon)

N113L: Neurobiology Lab Course (Lew) – also offered in Winter quarter

N117: Introduction to Neuroscience Clinical Trials (Grill)

N120C: Human Biology III (Nicholas)open only to Human Biology Major

N121: Drug Addiction (Fowler and Mahler)

N131: Human Neurodegenerative Diseases (Kawas)

N138: Sex Influences on the Brain (Cahill)

N150: Neurodegeneration (Busciglio, Green, and Thompson)

N154: Molecular Neurobiology (Sumikawa)

N156: Molecular Mechanisms of Memory (Guzowski)

N159: Animal Behavior (Striedter)

N164: Functional Neuroanatomy (Strieder)

N174: Principles of Neural Computation (McNaughton)