Press Release Archive: October 2014

October 3, 2014 | Brain Inflammation Dramatically Disrupts Memory Retrieval Networks- Dr. Guzowski
Neurobiologists Dr. Jennifer Czerniawski and Dr. John Guzowski have found that brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks.  Their research sheds light on cognitive losses Read More

October 3, 2014 | Harper’s Bazaar article on Dance Party Fitness features Dr. Carl Cotman
Professor of Neurology Carl Cotman is quoted on the benefits of physical exercise in popular new dance party-like settings in the August 21, 2014 issue Read More

October 3, 2014 | Dr. Michael Leon Authors Autism Article in Scientific American
Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Michael Leon wrote an article featured in the August 26, 2014 issue of Scientific Read More

October 3, 2014 | Cal-BRAIN Board Appointee-Dr. LaFerla
Dean Frank LaFerla has been named to the inaugural California Advisory Board of Cal-BRAIN.Read More Read More

October 3, 2014 | American Psychological Association Awardee- Dr. Leon
Dr. Michael Leon, Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior, was the recipient of the W.G. Marquis Award from the American Psychological Association Read Read More