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The Graduate Program in Neurobiology and Behavior

The Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at UC Irvine offers graduate training in neuroscience leading to the Ph.D.

Our Philosophy

Faculty and students in Neurobiology and Behavior have a common goal: to understand how the brain produces behavior that adapts to a changing environment. Progress toward this goal requires a command of both a research specialty and its broader context. Our graduate training gives students a broad foundation in neuroscience, technical proficiency in an area of interest, and an understanding of the fundamentals and subtleties of that area so that they can address intellectual and technical issues with finesse. Since we consider teaching to be an integral part of a graduate education, our students also acquire experience in teaching. First year students have the option of quarterly laboratory rotations.
The general requirements of our program are:

  1. Year-long core curriculum courses for a strong foundation in neurobiology
  2. Two quarters of teaching an undergraduate neurobiology lab
  3. Four advanced courses, which relate to the students’ specific research interests
  4. Participation in weekly NeuroBlitz departmental seminars, honing communication skills in science
  5. Attendance at the departmental colloquium series throughout the year.