Department of Neurobiology and Behavior

Our administrative offices are located primarily in McGaugh Hall. If you have any questions, please view our directory below.

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Dabiri, SallyDepartment Administrator4-47272205
Dehoff, TamaraFinance Analyst4-63032205
Leung, VictoriaFinance Analyst4-45292205
Louridi, NaimaAdministrative Analyst4-85192205
Davis, MargaretAdministrative Analyst4-15692216
Chan, EleanorSr Finance Analyst Supervisor4-23952024
Xi, LinSr Finance Analyst4-52512205


NameTitlePhone / FAXLocatione-mail
Benca, Ruth**Professor714-456-7209101 the City Rrive South, Bldg 3 Rt. 88,
Blurton-Jones, MatthewAssoc Professor4-52433014 Gross
Busciglio, Jorge A.Professor4-48203216
Cahill, LarryProfessor307
Cohen-Cory, SusanaProfessor4-81881230
Cotman, Carl W.*Professor4-5847 / 4-20711113
Cramer, KarinaProfessor4-42112215
Federoff, Howard**Professor4-5926265 Irvine
Fortin, NorbertAssoc Professor4-9740106
Fowler, ChrisiteAsst Professor4-83631232
Frostig, RonProfessor4-28832219
Gall, Christine M.**Professor4-8652 / 4-12553123
Gandhi, SunilAssoc Professor4-87612213
Green, KimAssoc Professor4-38593208
Grill, Joshua**Assoc Professor4-59053206
Guzowski, John F.Assoc Professor4-0259108
Kawas, Claudia H.*Professor4-2323 / 4-41651121
LaFerla, FrankProfessor4-1232 / 4-73563212
Leon, MichaelEmeritus Professor1268
Lur, GyorgyAsst Professor4-54361215
Mahler, StephenAsst Professor4-61281203
Lew, AudreyAsst Professor of Teaching4-56071221
McGaugh, James L.Rsch Professor4-5401 / 4-2952334
McNaughton, BruceDistinguised Professor4-964102
Metherate, RajuProfessor4-61412221
Middlebrooks, John **Professor4-0119Med Sci
Nicholas, AndreaAssoc Professor of Teaching1213
Parker, IanDistinguished Professor4-73321217
Sperling, George **Dist Professor4-6879 / 4-25172181
Stark, Craig E. L.Professor4-42011424
Starr, Arnold **Rsch Professor4-6088 / 4-2132154 MS
Steward, Oswald **Professor4-8908 / 4-26251105
Striedter, GeorgProfessor4-5228 / 4-8439305
Sumikawa, Katumi Professor4-53101244
Swarup, VivekAsst Professor4-31823224
Tenner, Andrea **
Thompson, Leslie **Professor4-6756 / 4-25773214
Wood, Marcelo A.Professor, Chair4-61142205
Yassa, MichaelProfessor4-16871418

* Split appointment
** Joint appointment

Room Reservations

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