NEURBIO 230: Epigenetics in Health and Disease is taught once every two years in Fall Quarter by Professors Marcelo Wood and Kyoko Yokomori.

Dr. Wood 04-11-14

Dr. Marcelo Wood

kyoko yokomori

Dr. Kyoko Yokomori

Prerequisite: MOL BIO 203 or MOL BIO 204 or NEURBIO 206

Same as BIOCHEM 225.

Restriction: Graduate students only.

Taught once every two years in Fall Quarter. The last time NEURBIO 230 was taught was in Fall 2019.

Course Objective:

Focuses on the role of chromatin/nuclear structure organization (histone and DNA modification, chromatin remodeling, higher order chromatin structure and nuclear organization) on gene regulation, DNA replication and repair, relevant to development, metabolism, learning and memory, and human disease.

Sample Syllabus

# Topic
Part I: Basic Concept of Epigenetics
1 Introduction
2 Nuclear Organization
3 Histone Modifying Enzymes
4 Cutting Edge Techniques and Reagents to Study Epigenetics
5 Special Lecture
Part II: Chromatin Regulation in Development
6 Chromatin Regulation in Development and Stem Cells
7 Discussion
8 Chromatin Regulation in Filament Development
9 Discussion
Part III: Chromatin Regulation in Human Health and Disease
10 Seminar
11 Histone Modifying Enzymes in Learning and Memory
12 Discussion
13 Epigenetics and Metabolism
14 Discussion
15 The Role of Histone Modifying Enzymes in Addiction
16 Discussion
17 Epigenetic Abnormality in Human Disorders I
18 Discussion
19 Epigenetics Day
20 Discussion

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