NUERBIO 254: Molecular Neurobiology is taught every other year in Fall Quarter by Professor Katumi Sumikawa.

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Dr. Katumi Sumikawa

Restriction: Graduate students only. Neurobiology and Behavior Majors only.

NEURBIO 254 is taught every other year in Fall Quarter. The last time it was taught was in Fall 2017.

Course Objective:

The application of genetic and recombinant DNA technology to neurobiology. Topics include the study of neuronal proteins which play important roles in the formation of synapses and synaptic transmission.

Course Format:

1. Students can practice techniques such as genotyping, real-time RT-PCR, gene cloning, western blotting, in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, etc..
2. Students propose experiments that address a question in their dissertation research. The use of molecular techniques is required.
3. Students can present their dream projects that are unrelated to their dissertation research (This will be discussed at an organizational meeting.).
4. Students carry out experiments and orally present their research. Presentations must include background information on their research, emphasizing studies at the molecular level.

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