NEURBIO 232: Regenerative Neurobiology is taught every other year in Winter Quarter by Professors Mathew Blurton-Jones and Sunil Gandhi.

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Dr. Mathew Blurton-Jones

professor gandhi

Dr. Sunil Gandhi

Prerequisites: Completion of the neurobiology graduate core or permission of the instructors.

NEURBIO 232 is taught every other year in Winter Quarter.

Course Objective:

This course will introduce students to the latest research on regenerative neurobiology. Both basic stem cell discoveries and their potential clinical application to brain disorders will be examined. The goal is to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls in the potential application of neural stem cells to brain repair. The course will be relevant to those interested in this exciting new field of brain research as well as those concerned with its distinctive policy and regulatory implications.

Sample Syllabus:

# Topic
1 Intro to Neuroscience of Stem Cells

Brain Development and Plasticity

2 Rewiring the Adult Brain

Adult Neurogenesis

3 Stem Cells as Therapeutic Agents

Replacement Strategies

4 Survival and Integration

Stress and Exercise

5 Retinal Repair

Autism and Schizophrenia

6 iPS Cells and Reprogramming

Stem Cell Niches

7 Stroke and Brain Trauma


8 Alzheimer’s


9 Mock Study Section

Mock Study Section

10 Rare Pediatric Disorders

Clinical Translation

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