NEURBIO 239: Functional Imaging of the Nervous System is taught every other year in Winter Quarter by Professors Ian Parker and Ron Frostig.


Dr. Ian Parker

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Dr. Ron Frostig

Restriction: Graduate students only. Neurobiology and Behavior Majors only.

NEURBIO 239 is taught every other year in Winter Quarter. The last time NEURBIO 239 was taught was Winter 2020. 

Course Objective:

Overview of technical and applied aspects of imaging techniques available for studying the nervous system. The areas emphasized are cellular and subcellular imaging of neural function, systems-level imaging of brain function, and imaging of the human brain..

Sample Syllabus:

Week # Topic
1 Introduction to Optical Imaging: Light, Optics, Lasers, Detectors
2 Microscopes and How They Work; From Leeuwenhoek to Confocal
3 New Microscopies: 2-Photon and TIRF+ Lab Demonstrations
4 New Microscopies: Suppersolution and Lightsheet + Lab Demonstrations
 5 Brain Activation: Physiology and Metabolism + Imaging Fundamentals
6 From Video-Based to CCD-Based and CMOS-Based Imaging
7 Application + Lab Visit
8 Human Imaging (PET, MRI, fMRI)
9 Student Presentations of Journal Papers
10 Student Final Presentation of Their Papers

Download Sample Syllabus