NEURBIO 240:  Advanced Analysis of Learning and Memory is taught in Winter Quarter by John Guzowski and Michael Yassa.

Dr. Guzowski

Dr. John Guzowski

yassa 1

Dr. Michael Yassa

Restriction: Graduate students only. Neurobiology and Behavior Majors only.

Course Objective:

Advanced analysis of contemporary research concerning the nature and neurobiological bases of learning and memory. Special emphasis is given to time-dependent processes involved in memory storage.

Sample Syllabus:

Week  # Topic
1 Organizing Meeting and Final Topics List and Assignments
2 What role do glia cells, and their effector molecules, play in learning and memory?
3 What role do neural-immune interactions play in synaptic plasticity?
4 What role do neural-immune interactions play in developmental plasticity (basic mechanisms)?
5 How does dysregulation of neural-immune interactions during development contribute to CNS pathologies (e.g., autism, schizophrenia, depression, etc.)?
6 Modulators of the neural-immune interface (e.g., sex, microbiome, ELS, etc).
7 Neural-immune interactions, aging, and cognitive function
8 Neural-immune interactions in neurodegenerative disease: The good & the bad
9 Can a better understanding of neuroimmune dysregulation lead to better diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disorders
10 Synthesis: What are the critical areas of research needed to provide key insights into how the neural immune interface influences cogntive function in health and disease?