NEURBIO 257: Statistics for Neurobiologists is taught in Winter Quarter by Professor Norbert Fortin.

Dr. Fortin

Dr. Norbert Fortin

Restriction: Graduate students only.

Course Objective:

Introduction to common methods for statistical analysis used in neurobiology. Topics covered include t-tests, ANOVAs, correlations and regressions, general linear model, power analysis, and non-parametric tests.

Sample Syllabus:

# Topic
1 Class Overview
2 Descriptive Statistics and Assignment #1
3 Correlation, Regression, and Prediction
4 In-Class Assignment #2
5 Probability and Sampling Distributions
6 In-Class Assignment #3
7 hypothesis Testing and T-Tests
8 In-Class Assignment #4
9 Review Session
11 One-Way ANOVAs (Factorial and Repeated Measures)
12 In-Class Assignment #5
13 Two-Way ANOVAs (Factorial and Repeated Measures
14 In-Class Assignment #6
15 Review of Midterm and ANOVA Assignments (#5 and #6)
16 Non-Parametric Tests, Resampling Techniques
17 Assignment #7
18 Categorical Data (e.g., Chi-Squares)
19 Power Failures (Replicability Issues), Power Analysis
20 Power Analyses and Other Aspects of Experimental Design

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