Procurement & Purchasing Reminders

Procurement Services and wanted to gently remind you of the following:

  • Any vendor coming to campus to provide a service; a Requisition needs to be submitted beforehand before they are allowed to come to campus to provide service! After-the-Fact POs are highly discouraged.
  • Department/Faculty do not have authorization to sign agreements/contracts. Procurement Office needs to review and sign off.
  • Blanket POs – If there are any annual expenses you anticipate reoccurring each year, please let us know to create a blanket PO.


Procurement Services provides Procurement Weekly Office Hours – Training | Procurement Services | UCI where you can Zoom in with any questions or concerns you may have about requisitions, purchase orders, agreements, policies, etc.


Internal NBB PO/PALCard Worksheet with instructions: PO_PALCard-Form-2.pdf (


Revamp Graduate Student Portal with Procurement checklists: Graduate Student Portal – UCI Department of Neurobiology and Behavior


If you have new lab personnel that you anticipate to make purchases for your lab, please let Maggie know so that she can briefly meet with them to train them on procurement protocols.


Thank you for your continued support as we stay within compliance. If you have any further questions, please reach out to our Procurement Analyst, Maggie Davis at