Bio 38: Mind, Memory, and the Brain is taught by Professor Stephen Mahler.


Dr. Stephen Mahler

Course Objective:

Introduction to neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory. Emphasis on molecular changes that mediate memory as well as structures involved in different forms of memory. Additionally, examines the biology of memory phenomena, from extraordinary memory to false memory to amnesia.

Sample Syllabus:

1 Introduction
2 Mind Control
3 Basics of Neurons
4 Neural Communication I
5 Neural Communication II
6 Synaptic Plasticity I
7  Synaptic Plasticity II
8 New Technologies for Controlling and Examining Neural Circuits
9 Sleep and the Brain
10 Drugs and The Brain
11 Human Amnesia I
12 Human Amnesia II
13 Functional Neuroimaging
14 Cerebral Cortex and Memory
15 Spatial Memory
16 Memory and Aging
17 Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia
18 Exceptional Memory
19 Multiple Memory Systems
20 Single-Cell Recordings
21 Animal Models to Study Memory I
22  Animal Models to Study Memory II
23 Effect of Perception on Memory
24 Effect of Perception on Memory II
25 Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Memory
26 Applying Principles