N113L: Neurobiology Lab Course is taught in Winter and Spring Quarters by Dr. Audrey Lew.


Dr. Audrey Lew

Prerequisite or corequisite: (BIO SCI 100 or BIO SCI 108) and BIO SCI 194S and BIO SCI N110

Restriction: Seniors only. Students who require this lab for completion of their degree have first consideration for enrollment.

Course Objective:

An in-depth exploration of biology and physiology of the nervous system. Labs include neuroanatomy, electrophysiology, pharmacology, behavior, experimental design, EEG, and scientific writing. Materials fee.

Sample Syllabus:

Neuroanatomy: Dissection of the Rabbit Brain
Neuroanatomy: Dissection of the Sheep Brain
Neurophysiology: Recording the Electrical Activity of Neurons
Neurophysiology: Electrical Properties of the Cockroach Leg Preparation
Scientific Writing: Critical Analysis of Literature and Data
Neuropharmacology: The Rabbit Ileum
Behavioral Neuroscience: Habituation in C. Elegans
Behavioral Neuroscience: Recording & Inactivating Brain Structures within Fear Circuitry
Human Neurophysiology: EEG Recording and Sleep
Final Exam Review