N119: History of Neuroscience is taught in Winter Quarter by Professor Larry Cahill.

LarryCahill (from Chair Office)

Dr. Larry Cahill

Prerequisite: BIO SCI 35 or BIO SCI N110 or PSY BEH 115D or (PSYCH 9A and PSYCH 9B and PSYCH 9C)

Restriction: Upper-division students only.

Concurrent with NEURBIO 255.

Course Objective:

An overview of the conceptual and technical foundations of contemporary neuroscience from ancient times to the present. The subjects include synapses, neurons, brain organization, sensory, motor, and regulatory systems, learning and memory, human brain function and dysfunction.

Sample Syllabus:

# Topic
1 Introduction: Concerning Histories
2 Brain Integration vs Segregation
3 Synaptic Transmission
4 The Neuron Doctrine
5 Organization of Cortex
6 The Concept of “Limbic System and Emotion”
7 The Legacy of Scoville and Milner
8 A Personal Perspective on Brain and Memory
9 Sex Differences in the Brain
10 History of Retinal Image
11 The Myth of Mirror Neurons
12 Language and the Brain
13 McGaugh Video
14 Student Presentations
15 Student Presentations
16 Class Discussion