N152: Developmental Neurobiology is taught in the Fall Quarter by Professors Karina Cramer and Susana Cohen-Cory.


Dr. Karina Cramer

S Cohen-Cory

Dr. Susana Cohen-Cory

Prerequisite: BIO SCI 93

Course Objective:

The development of the nervous system is discussed with emphasis on the processes that underlie the appearance of complex and highly ordered neural circuits. Topics include neural induction, specification, migration and death; axon growth, and neural circuit formation.

Sample Syllabus:

# Topic
1 Model Organisms, Methods
2 Neural Induction
3 Regionalization
4 Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis
5 Neuronal Migration
6 Neuronal Fate Specification
7 Early Brain Development – Paper Discussion
8 Neuronal Cell Death
9 Review
11 Axon Growth and Guidance I
12 Axon Growth and Guidance II
13 Target Selection
14 Axon and Dendritic Branching
15 Synapse Formation and Maturation I
16 Synapse Formation and Maturation II
17 Circuit Formation – Paper Discussion
18 Activity-Guided Synapse Formation
19 Sensory and Experience-Guided Neural Development
20 Review