N164: Functional Neuroanatomy is taught in Spring Quarter by Professor Georg Striedter.

Georg striedter

Dr. Georg Striedter

Prerequisite: BIO SCI N110

Course Objective:

This is an advanced course on nervous system structure and function. The focus of this course is on principles of nervous system organization, asking not only how the nervous system is built and how it works, but also why it is organized as it is. To answer these “why questions” we will often ask what problems organisms face and how the nervous system helps to solve these problems. The course will also challenge the traditional view of brains as being divisible into the sensory and motor side, with cognitive functions interposed.

Sample Syllabus:

# Topic
1 Introductions
2 Functional Organization of the Brain
3 Computing with Neurons
4 Brain Protection I
5 Brain Protection I
6 Brain Maintenance
7 MLK Holiday
8 Regulating Bodily Function I
9 Regulating Bodily Function II
11 Motor Reflexes
12 Locomotion and Motor Cortex
13 Cerebellum
14 Localizing Stimuli
15 Orienting
16 Navigation
17 Identifying Stimuli I
18 Identifying Stimuli II
19 President’s Day
20 Identifying Stimuli III
22 Arousal and Sleep
23 Remembering I
24 Remembering II
25 Selecting Actions and Goals I
26 Selecting Actions and Goals II
27 Prefrontal Cortex
28 Brain Evolution
29 Sex and Individual Differences
30 Catch-Up/Review