N176: Cerebral Cortez: Structure, Function, and Plasticity is taught Winter Quarter by Professor Ron Frostig.


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Dr. Ron Frostig

Prerequisite: BIO SCI N110

Course Objective:

The cerebral cortex is highly developed in mammals and is responsible for higher perceptual and cognitive functions. The course explores some amazing aspects of cortical structure, function, and plasticity emphasizing primary literature.

Sample Syllabus:

Meeting information: Except for the first meeting (course organization and introductory lecture) the rest of the course is based on reading and discussing primary literature. We will discuss two papers every week. PDFs of the papers will be uploaded to the class website a few days before each class.

Evaluation: There are no midterms or a final in this course. 70% of the grade is based on class participation; 30% of the grade is based on a written analysis of a paper at the end of the course. The chosen paper is expected to be about one of the topics discussed in class.