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Bio 35: Brain and Behavior

Bio 35: Brain and Behavior is taught in Winter Quarter by Professors Sunil Gandhi, Michael Leon and Andrea Nicholas.

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Dr. Sunil Gandhi Dr. Michael Leon Dr. Andrea Nicholas


Sample Syllabus:

Where was my mind at?: A brief history of behavioral neuroscience.
Heroes and Halfwits: Mapping behavior to the brain
Golgi and the Jet Set Neural Night Club Crashers: The neuron and action potential
Happy Accidents: The discovery of chemical transmission at the synapse
Werewolves vs. Vampires: The autonomic nervous system
Decorticate Cats and Rabid Dogs: Teasing out the neural circuitry of emotion
Socialites & Psychopaths: The Amygdala and the fear factor
To the Weary, the Dreary and Timothy Leary: Lessons from drugs
Synesthesia: Overlapping senses & Review
Exam 1
Perception and the brain
The eye and visual perception
Form, motion and color perception
Face perception
The ear and auditory perception
Attention and consciousness
Critical Periods
Adult neuroplasticity
Veteran’s Day Holiday
Exam 2
Sexual differentiation
Brain development
Thanksgiving Holiday
Final Exam 3