Bio 41: Mood Disorders is taught in Winter Quarter by Professor Andrea Nicholas.

Andre Nicholas picture
Dr. Andrea Nicholas


Course Objective:

Increasingly medicine is finding an influence of culture on variations of mood disorders and the efficacy of treatment. This course will examine Mood Disorders from historical, cultural and physiological perspectives in an attempt to teach why scientists and clinicians are paying closer attention to the interplay of neurochemistry and social contexts.  This course will examine the neurotransmitter and receptor systems involved in the many classifications of mood disorder as well as the discovery and advancement of pharmacological treatments.

Sample Syllabus:

A Brief History of Mood Disorder
Depression Defined
The Neurobiology of Depression
Sociocultural Aspects of Depressive Disorders
Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Antidepressants
Genetic & Environmental Contributions in Depression
Bipolar Disorders Defined
The Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorders
Sociocultural Aspects of Bipolar Disorders
Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Antipsychotics
Genetic & Environmental Contributions in Bipolar Disorders
Drug-induced Mood Disorder
Anxiety Disorders Defined
The Neurobiology of Anxiety Disorders
Sociocultural Aspects of Anxiety Disorders
Pharmacology & Therapeutics of Anxiolytics
Genetic & Environmental Contributions in Anxiety Disorders
OCD, PTSD & Review
FINAL EXAM 4:00-6:00pm