Bio 43: Media on the Mind is taught in Spring Quarter by Dr. Andrea Nicholas.

Andrea Nicholas picture

Dr. Andrea Nicholas

Course Objective:

The brain, once thought to be hardwired, is now known to be highly adaptive in response to an ever-changing environment. Growing evidence suggests that modern technology, namely the internet and social networking may be rewiring the way we think. This course will provide an overview of neural plasticity in the wake of the digital age and explore current research, showing how the mind that evolved to change its environment is inadvertently adapting its own physiology.

Sample Syllabus:

1Innovation and the speed of thought
2Getting Smarter…
3Tesla, RCA, Zenith & empathy
4Squirrel! Information and the Attention Deficit.
5Multitasking. Jack of all trades, master of none
6Internet Addiction
7Surfing, Learning, and Memory. Why know it, if I can find it?
8It all goes into the pot
11Where do emotions lie? And do I even care?
12Gaming, virtual, and visual processing…its just like being there.
13Video Game Excitation
14Compulsive Gamer
16Will too much screen time make me lose touch?
17The Mirror in the Ear
18I Think Therefore I Am
21You just don’t do it for me, baby…
22 The dependent responder…pathways of reward and addiction.
23The Messager
24Is anybody out there? The perception of being in touch.
25Memorial Day Holiday
26Time invasion.
27Which Me am I reacting to?
28The shrinking expanding universe. Perception of space.
29Mind over Matter…The future will be a compensatory gain.