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N113L: Neurobiology Lab Course

N113L: Neurobiology Lab Course is taught in Winter and Spring Quarters by Professor Andrea Nicholas.

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Dr. Andrea Nicholas


Course Description and Prerequisites

Bio Sci N113L, Neurobiology and Behavior Laboratory, is a 3-unit laboratory course. To enroll in N113L you must have completed or be currently enrolled in Biological Sciences N110, and have completed and passed Biological Sciences 100L and 194S.

Sample Syllabus:

Neuroanatomy: Dissection of the Rabbit Brain
Neuroanatomy: Dissection of the Sheep Brain
Neurophysiology: Recording the Electrical Activity of Neurons
Neurophysiology: Electrical Properties of the Cockroach Leg Preparation
Scientific Writing: Critical Analysis of Literature and Data
Neuropharmacology: The Rabbit Ileum
Behavioral Neuroscience: Habituation in C. elegans
Behavioral Neuroscience: Recording & Inactivating Brain Structures within Fear Circuitry
Human Neurophysiology: EEG Recording and Sleep
Final Exam Review