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N147: Hearing and the Brain

N147: Hearing and the Brain is taught in Fall Quarter by Professors Karina Cramer, Raju Metherate, and Norman Weinberger, and other faculty from the Center for Hearing Research.

KarinaCramer raju lab photo (from Chair Office) Dr.-Weinberger- 04-17-14
Dr. Karina Cramer Dr. Raju Metherate Dr. Norman Weinberger

Center for Hearing Research faculty team-teach the auditory system from cells to psychophysics, cochlea to cortex, basic science to clinical. Format is primarily lecture.  We will provide a foundation for students who are advanced in their own discipline (e.g., biology, cognitive science) and wish to learn more about hearing. Course will provide an overview of brain mechanisms of hearing, including simple sounds, speech and music. We begin with sound itself, and look at processing by the ear, central auditory pathways, auditory cortex and beyond.  Also auditory development, learning and clinical issues.

Sample Syllabus:

Introduction / orientation
Sound Cochlear mechanics Sensory transduction
8th nerve Development Development
Brainstem anatomy and physiology
Cellular specializations Forebrain A1
Mid-term exam
Psychoacoustics I Psychoacoustics II
Psychoacoustics III Spatial hearing I Spatial hearing II
Holiday (Veteran’s) Learning/Memory I Learning/Memory II
Music Language development Holiday (Thanksgiving)
Clinical: development Clinical: Electrical Stimulation Clinical: Speech Processing
Clinical: Hearing but not understanding Clinical: Cochlear implants Clinical: Future directions
Final exam, 1:30-3:30 p.m.