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N152: Developmental Neurobiology

N152: Developmental Neurobiology is taught in the Fall Quarter by Professors Karina Cramer and Susana Cohen-Cory

KarinaCramer S Cohen-Cory
Dr. Karina Cramer Dr. Susana Cohen-Cory

N152 is an upper division class aimed at Biological Sciences and Neurobiology Majors. It requires Bio93 as a prerequisite. The course is primarily lecture based, and complemented with creative writing assignments as well as review and discussion sessions prior to exams. In this course, the development of the nervous system is discussed in detail with emphasis on the processes that underlie the appearance of complex and highly ordered neural circuits. Molecular, cellular and signaling mechanisms involved in neural induction, specification, migration and death; axon growth, and neural circuit formation are discussed.

The textbook “Development of the Nervous System”, third edition, by Sanes, Reh, and Harris, Elsevier/Academic Press, is recommended for this course but not required.  Enrolment in this course is commonly between 120 and 125 students.

Topics covered include:

Model Organisms, Methods

Neuronal Polarity and Induction


Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis

Neuronal Migration

Neuronal Fate Specification

Neuronal Cell Death

Axon Growth and Guidance

Target Selection

Axon and Dendritic Branching

Synapse Formation and Function

Refinement of Synaptic Connections

Behavioral Development

Neuroscience in the News