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N158: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

N158: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory is taught in the Spring Quarter by Professor Larry Cahill.

Larry Cahill
Dr. Larry Cahill

Bio 158/Psych 162A aims to give students a solid, comprehensive introduction to the issue of how brains learn and remember.  The text, and the course, are organized around the concept of “The Four C’s”– Cognition, Connection, Compartmentalization, and Consolidation— four ideas around which so much of the field can be conveniently organized.  Class attendance is critical, but this is not a chore, since Dr. Cahill is a highly engaging lecturer who tells the story of brain and memory, from its origins in the late 1800’s to today, rather than simply spitting out facts for students to memorize and regurgitate.  Indeed, Dr. Cahill has personally experienced during his 35 year career, and even contributed to, many of the key experimental discoveries discussed, enabling him to animate the discussion, and avoid a dry description of facts.  Many previous students have called this the best course they ever took at UCI.

Sample Syllabus:

Introduction- What are we studying? How can we study it?

TA lecture

Some History of the field

Habituation, Sensitization


Cognition versus Robots: Tolman versus Hull

Global Amnesia in Humans, the famous HM

Animal Models

Imaging “Declarative” Memory

Cerebral Cortex, Category Specific Amnesia



“Procedural” Memory

“Procedural” Memory, Priming


Emotion and Memory- Learning/Performance Distinction

Emotion and Memory

False Memory


Review for final