N158: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory is taught in the Fall Quarter by Professor Larry Cahill.

LarryCahill (from Chair Office)

Dr. Larry Cahill

Prerequisite: BIO SCI 35 or BIO SCI N110

Course Objective:

How the brain and behavior change as a result of experience, with an emphasis on identifying the neurochemical processes through which memory is stored and the parts of the brain that are involved.

Sample Syllabus:

1Introduction – What are we studying? How can we study it?
2Sime History of the Field
3Habituation, Sensitization
5Cognition versus Robots: Tolman vs. Hull
6Global Amnesia in Humans, the Famous HM
7Animal Models
8Imaging “Declarative” Memory
9Cerebral Cortex, Category Specific Amnesia
12“Procedural” Memory
14Emotion and Memory – Learning/Performance Distinction
15Emotion and Memory
16Emotion and Memory
17What’s New?
19Grabbag, Review for Final